Arepa El Pabellon

In Venezuela, Arepas are a national treasure.


In the eyes of many Venezuelans these are considered an integral part of day to day lives, even when their named ‘The Hairy One’ (we’ll tell you about that later don’t worry!).Depending on your taste Arepas are known for being a treat for breakfast, lunch and even dinner! Not to mention that they come very handy after party at 3-4 o’clock in the morning. 


You see Arepas consist of a grilled cornbread, about the size and shape of the much beloved English muffin. The cornbread is grilled to the right degree so that it’s quite warm and crispy on the outside all the while remaining moist and soft on the inside. The savoury grilled cornbread is then stuffed with different traditional fillings which can surprise a few people as we tend to give adventurous (weird to some)”would like to change” names to such fillings.

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